There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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(Recordings 1-8: the rest are phone message tag game with Sylvia. Recordings 3 and 4 below are the actual phone conversations with Sylvia.)

3. 10-27-2009 phone call with Sylvia - one hour recording (2 hour phone call but recorder stopped after an hour)

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Content description of phone call:

Returned Sylvia's phone call about Alan's Letter to Probate Judge. In return, Sylvia agrees to write a letter to the Probate Judge.

4. 10-28-2009 phone call with Sylvia

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the revealing phone call - 2 hours - most important phone call - has most information

2 hour phone call but only 1 hr of phone call got taped due to cat jumping on computer space bar and stopping the recording, unbeknownst at the time. Missed the 2nd hour on tape when she said the infamous (to us), "How did you find out about Brad Seals?", when we asked her about Brad Seals and told her that we had found out about him from an email in Danny Davila's "Hamilton Tax Folder". Sylvia says in 10-28-2009 phone call that she didn't even know that Brad Seals and Davila knew each other.

We called Sylvia to quickly thank her for dropping off the "Orange bag" with the 10-27-2009 Letter to the Judge and Trust accounting, Alfred's Will, 2002 and 2003 taxes (client copies vs Davila's filed copies) and a few other docs. Then we started chatting and all the sudden Sylvia started telling us everything. Unfortunately I was sick at the time, as recording mentions, and we didn't know enough to really understand how it all fit together yet. We were reminded of these recordings while working on the interrogatories, and had to track them down and listen to them and then convert them to mp3s and then put them up on the web with time markers to the important parts, which all takes time.

Important time markers in 10-28-2009 recording: (Under Construction-also see Detailed TimeMarker Spreadsheet link below)

  audio time marker Sylvia quote description notes-contradictions
1. 28 minute mark (28:30) "(Brian Dudley) Salesman had a power over her (Maurine). I had to do something." Shows Maurine liked Brian Dudley and Sylvia didn't. Maurine not complaining about him, Sylvia was. Maurine probably didn't even know about 14-point letter that Davila wrote complaining about Dudley, and would not have signed it. (from Alan: Brian like a son to Maurine, like a brother to Alan, helped with carpet/house projects, good financial planning for Maurine.)
2. 38 minute mark (38:50)

"Mama was upfront." (translation: living in the front part of the house with separate entrance-currently rented out). (underwear incident) "Mama was so enamored by the salesman (Brian Dudley). I told her not to let him in the door. I told her not to call him. I got her phone...You know...I told her not to call him while I was shopping for groceries and stuff and Mama called him and I woke up and in my underpants I found Mama with him trying to withdraw 10% of her funds and I stopped him, plus another long form."

Ditto #1 comment above. The Underwear Incident - Sylvia took Maurine's phone out for calling Brian Dudley against Sylvia's orders.
3. 40 minute mark (40:30) Sylvia-"Salesman (Brian Dudley) had a form to change the life insurance ownership to us, effect was that beneficiaries would have to pay tax. I had to stop him." Ditto #1 comment above. (The Underwear Incident part 2) Life Insurance change of ownership was signed on May 29, 2003 by Maurine, Alan and Sylvia. Form made Life insurance non-taxable for everyone, not taxable. So, Maurine was still in control. In 2004, Sylvia came by Alan's and took the left over "oxycontin sheets" after Alfred death in April 2004. Alfred Hamilton was a doctor and so had extra medicine lying around/in his doctor bag.

54 minute mark (54:20)

"Danny wanted me to put it in his Mutual Fund but Gina said No." (Question was: "What happened to all the money?") Shows Gina in control. Also shows Davila knew Maurine wasn't "broke" as he told Alan on 9/10/2008. Also no mention of Maurine's wishes or needs.
5. 1 hour 24 minute mark (to 1hr28 and 1hr37 minute marks approximately) "Brad Seals came to house with woman to do DPOA to change it out of Alan's name cause he wouldn't do anything and so I needed to do something." No new DPOA needed. 1996 Recorded DPOA already named Sylvia as first agent, not Alan, but it required 2 doctors "certifications of incapacity" for Maurine to become effective. If Davila says it was done at his office then contradiction. Davila "Allan" misspelling. Doesn't make sense, but that's typical of Sylvia's stories, which are ever changing.
6. 1 hour 39 minute mark "Brad and Danny never asked for Will/Trust papers." Why would Estate planning professionals, a lawyer and a CPA, not ask for Estate planning documents? Why would they put a person who sounds like Sylvia in charge of a elderly woman's (retirement) finances, in cash? Would Brad and Danny put Sylvia in charge of their own finances?
7. 1 hour 43 minute mark "I'm going to jail too." Sylvia knows what she did was illegal.

Detailed TimeMarkers spreadsheet for Sylvia Hamilton phone recordings

Other Sylvia phone messages - Message Tag Game - (10-27-2009 to 1-4-2010) Sylvia promises to deliver Western Union and Bank records and then Sylvia does not answer her phone or return phone calls. The usual "I'm cooperating and then disappears" game.